Lesson Plan Template for PE Session (7-8 year olds)

The key to a successfully conducted PE class is preparing the right PE lesson plan template. The latter is very important in order for you to have an organized class and be as efficient as possible during the session. Below you can find a lesson plan designed for participants of the age of seven and eight.

Starter Activity

Jogging around the area would be suitable for them, since at that age they can run independently while being organized.

Activity 1

Ask the participants to make two lines as in two teams and spread cons on the floor far from where they are. Yell out “Go!” and the children standing first must run to get one con each. The runner standing next in line goes after the first runner taps him/her on the hand. The team who has collected more cons at the end of the run wins.

Activity 2

Place a whiteboard and hula-hoops with cons on both sides of it at the end of the gym (or class) and another set of hula-hoops far from the others (at the beginning of the gym). Make sure the hula-hoops are put in a way so that it can be a TIC TAC TOE map on both ends of the gym. Also place small sheets that have simple math equations on them in the hula-hoops far from the whiteboard. Divide the children into two groups and let them stand on the two sides of the hula-hoops with sheets in them. The participants must choose an equation and run towards the cons and place one in a hula-hoop (as their desired move of TIC TAC TOE) and then right the answer of the equation on the whiteboard. Whenever they get the answer right, they get to run back so that their teammate plays next.

With such a PE lesson plan template, you contribute to the enhancement of the participants’ physical and mental abilities.